Moving Tips

Tips For Moving Fitness Equipment

As more and more people build complex workout spaces in their homes it’s more common to need to move gym equipment when you move to a new home. Moving heavy gym equipment can be a hassle that can cause a lot of damage to your other belongings if it’s not done the right way. When you’re moving gym equipment you should always:

Tie Down Moving Pieces

If you’re moving a fitness machine like a treadmill, an elliptical, or a stationary bike use zip ties or ratchet ties to secure all of the moving parts that don’t come apart. The last thing you want is for the machine to start moving when you’re trying to load or unload it. And unsecured parts that move could cause serious injuries to anyone carrying it or near it. Check to see if the machine has a lock and unlock mechanism as well. Some of them can be easily locked into position to keep them from sliding all over when they’re being moved.

Move Weights In Small Boxes

If you dump an entire set of heavy wights into a box you will never be able to safely lift that box and neither will the movers that you hire. Weights should be moved one at a time or in small boxes of just one or two weights at a time. If you try to put a lot of weights into one box the box will break and the weights will scatter everywhere. They could cause a lot of pain and some serious injuries if they call near the toes of someone tying to move them.

Use Mats For Padding

Gym mats and yoga mats make fantastic packing materials for moving big heavy exercise machines. Make sure that the mats are clean and then you can use them for wrapping weights or creating padding around a gym machine like an elliptical or a treadmill. When you use the gym mats for padding then you don’t have to pack them separately.

Hire Professionals

Trying to load and unload heavy gym equipment can cause some serious injuries. It’s smarter to hire professionals that have years of experience moving heavy gym equipment to move it. If the professional movers you  hire aren’t able to safely move your gym equipment they will know a company that can and subcontract to that company to make sure that your gym equipment and your movers are save.