Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Local and Long Distance Moving

  1. How long before my move should I begin planning?

You should start planning for your move 8 weeks before your move date. This way you can prepare yourself without being pressured.

  1. How much does it cost to move?

It depends on the size of your move and the moving services you require.

For local moving, the rates will be on hour basis and for long-distance moving will be on weight and distance basis.

  1. What is an in-home survey?

It’s a free estimate that you can request. One of our representatives will perform either an in-person inspection or a video survey of your belongings and create an accurate inventory of the items you want to be moved before giving you an estimate. This estimate leads to a more accurate moving quote.

  1. When is the best time for me to move?

We often suggest that you don’t move during peak times such as mid or end of the month. This is because peak dates have the heaviest demands placed on trucks, personnel, and equipment. However, Lewis Abbeywood has the resources necessary to work with your moving schedule.

  1. How long does it take to move?

While every move is unique, we can do the local moves normally at the same day. However, the long-distance moves depend on the weight and mileage.

  1. Do you have a weight restriction?

Long-distance and cross-border moves are based on a minimum of 4000 lbs.

  1. Will my move be covered?

Basic coverage is $0 .60 per lb. per item comes with all moves, or you can purchase additional transit protection.

  1. Do you pack and/or supply material and boxes?

Yes, if you are unable to pack your items on your own, we can provide a full packing and unpacking service or partial packing service. We can also provide you with containers and packing material designed specifically for moving.

Please note that we only sell packing materials to customers moving with us.

  1. Do you have storage facilities?

We offer storage facilities that are climate controlled, high tech sprinklers and monitored 24 hours a day. For more details visit our Storage Services page.

  1. What items cannot be moved?

As moving company, we are unable to transport certain items such as; hazardous items, including paints, aerosol cans, explosives, corrosives, propane tanks, firearms, and ammunition.

  1. Do you move perishables and plants?

No, you have to arrange for disposal or transportation of your perishables or plants.

  1. Do you assemble/disassemble furniture?

Yes, we offer basic assembling and disassembling services for exercise equipment and specialty items such as sleep number beds may require third party service.

  1. Do you connect/disconnect appliances?

No, it will require a third-party service.

  1. Do you mount items?

No, it will require a third-party service.

  1. How will you protect my furniture?

Furniture pads are used on all items not boxed. Upholstered items such as sofas, love seats etc. are wrapped with shrink wrap prior to being padded with our furniture blankets.

  1. What items should I move/pack myself?

Valuables, such as jewelry, furs, coins, stamp should be moved by you personally.

  1. What should I do with my pets on moving day?

Arrange for pets to be off premises on the day of move. If required, be sure they have received their shots, and if you’re moving a long distance, ask your vet for their records.

  1. Do I need to be present for all phases of the move?

Yes, you or your agent must be present on your moving day to sign paperwork and show the movers exactly what needs to be moved. Once they load the truck, you will be required to do a full walk-through the home to make sure nothing was forgotten.

  1. When should I contact you if I need to reschedule my move?

If your moving date changes, you should inform your moving consultant as soon as you know. The sooner you notify us, the easier it will be for us to accommodate your needs.