A Leader Among Movers in Toronto, ON

A Leader Among Movers in Toronto, ON and the Surrounding Area

One of Toronto’s Leading Moving Companies Since 1929

Moving is one of the most stressful things that you and your family can go through. It doesn’t matter if it’s an in town move or a cross country move it’s always challenging to move to a new home. As one of the leading moving companies serving Toronto, ON area, we at Lewis Abbeywood Moving and Storage understand the challenges of moving to a new home and our experienced movers can help you make a smooth transition to your new home.

Planning Your Move

Planning a move isn’t easy and some moving companies do not make it easy–but not at Lewis Abbeywood Moving & Storage. There are lots of different things to consider and a lot of scheduling to do to make sure that your move to a new home runs smoothly. After helping people move for so many years our team members have lots of tips and tricks to make your move easier that they will be happy to hare with you. During the entire moving process our helpful staff will be there for you to help you plan, organize, and execute your move as well as to help you deal with any unexpected situations that pop up.

Movers Moving YOU

At Lewis Abbeywood Moving and Storage, our movers will take good care of your treasured belongings. They have the skills and experience to move anything easily and we make sure they have all the equipment they need to handle everything from appliances to other large or bulky items. Your belongings will be carefully loaded and unloaded always.

Packing and Unpacking Your Belongings

If you need extra help with your move we also offer packing and unpacking services to make your move as seamless as possible. Save yourself the expense, time, and hassle of tracking down supplies and packing up boxes and let our experienced professional movers do it for you. We know how to safely pack your valuable items including heirlooms and delicate items. When your items arrive at your new home our staff members can also do the unpacking for you so that you can focus on just getting comfortable in your new home.

Storing Your Belongings

When you are moving it often happens that your household belongings need to be stored before the move to your new home can be completed. If you are closing on a house and need to be out of your current home, or if your household goods arrive in a new state before you do your possessions need to be safely stored. While other moving companies may not have these capabilities, we can help arrange short or long term storage for your items and make sure that your items are delivered safely to the storage unit. Our moving and storage services are meant to serve our customers when the move has unexpected occurrences, one of the many ways Lewis Abbeywood can make your move seamless and stress-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions To Lewis Abbeywood Moving & Storage

How do you conduct your moving estimates?

We would prefer to conduct a moving estimate in person, via telephone or a virtual call and 45-90 days in advance to a move.

Can you move me cross country or cross border?

Yes! As one of our specialties, we can move you cross-country in Canada or cross border to the United States.

Is there a minimum weight requirement for long distance moving?

Yes. Within Canada, 500lbs is the minimum requirement and for cross-border moves to and from the USA it is 2,100lbs.

How much do movers typically cost?

Each move is different but local moves and long distance moves are different and are also priced differently. For Local Moves, cost varies based on number of hours and materials used. For Long Distance Moves, cost varies based on weight of the total load, mileage travelled, and materials used.

What are the customer’s rights and responsibilities?

As a customer, it is your right to research when you hire a moving company keeping in mind that the Canadian moving industry is unregulated federally and each province has its own legislation regarding moving services. Before you book a move, you can always ask more information from our consultant regarding cargo coverage protection and transit delivery times.