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Should You Consider Moving During Holiday Season?

Moving during the holiday season may seem like a difficult decision to make during your relocation process. There are simply as many reasons to move during the holidays as there are not. And it can easily overwhelm you while you plan for your upcoming move. Fortunately, the movers at Lewis Abbeywood Moving & Storage have drawn up this guide to some of the pros and cons of moving during the holiday season. Let us take a quick look at it.

Pros of moving during the holiday season

  • Your friend’s offer of moving help
  • Holiday time brings out the best in people. And if you need help moving out of your old place. Your friend’s being more available during holiday times means that they will be there to support you
    emotionally and possibly help you relocate. This is a wonderful gift to receive. However, if you would
    like professional relocation services, enlist the specialist moving help of full-service movers in

  • Exciting new experience
  • Moving out to your new home is already an exciting experience. A beautiful story to tell includes the happiness associated with Christmas. Moving into your new home during holiday times will even add
    a certain festive cheer to the adventure.

    Cons of moving during the holiday season

  • Leaving home
  • While leaving home during Christmas can be an adventure for a few, for others it can be a sad moment during the holidays. Moving during holiday times may feel like you are not going to be in
    your “home” during a time of year centered around family. It is best to keep a positive attitude and look forward to your move.

  • The weather is not going to help you
  • Being a local moving company in Toronto, we can attest that Christmas time brings snow. Snow can cause any number of complications during the moving process. It could cause delays and possibly even damage to the possessions if you are not using a professional moving company. So, make sure that you have hired a top-rated moving service provider.
    At Lewis Abbeywood Moving & Storage, we have the expertise to make sure successful relocations even in holiday times

  • Planning a move during the holiday season
  • The experts at Lewis Abbeywood Moving & Storage recommend that you plan the move in about a month. You should socialize with the ones you are moving with. Come up with an estimation of how
    long and challenging your move will be. The amount of time it takes to pack possessions is often underestimated by individuals who are moving. So, the expert movers recommend accounting for anything ranging from 2 to 3 weeks to properly pack the belongings.

    For instance, during a holiday move, people generally fail to account for their extensive fine china and utensil collection. Such sorts of products should be accounted for, and movers should plan
    accordingly when they plan on packing a house during the holidays. If you need help with packing,
    enlist the professional packing services of a professional moving company.

    In addition, moving during the holiday times usually means that your guests will be excited to see your new home or neighborhood. Remember your home is likely to not be in perfect shape. It is wise
    to offer to change the location of your gathering so that you do not disorganize your home further.
    To make your house less messy and simpler to maneuver, mull over not packing any holiday decorations.

    Keep things simple. You must make sure that the bulky decorations you bring into your new home are either lightweight or can be broken down into smaller pieces. For Christmas, if you decide to
    bring your favorite holiday decorations, make sure that they are packed in an organized way. In
    addition, they must be labeled correctly.

    Luckily for you, Lewis Abbeywood Moving & Storage offers packing services so that you can effectively manage all your holiday belongings.

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