Preparation needed for moving From Canada to The USA

The United States is the closest neighbour to Canada, and the two countries have established a unique relationship. Due to this relationship, every year US and Canadian citizens move and relocate
between the two countries due to the low entry barriers and each country promising its own lifestyle.

  • Moving from Canada to USA
  • The USA draws Canadians not just due to its marvellous resorts and famous cities but as a place to live as well. Moving from Canada to the USA is mostly based on economic reasons with people
    wanting better paying roles. Studies show that a growing number of skilled Canadians are leaving
    Canada to work in the United States. According to the data from Migration Policy Institute, 65% of all
    Canadian emigrants reside in the USA.

  • The moving process
  • Technically, the only difference between moving within Canada and moving from Canada to US is the presence of border control and customs. Lewis Abbeywood would be happy to assist you in your
    cross border move from the Greater Toronto Area. A cross border move would also require lots of planning and packing and not to mention the actual moving days where your belongings would be carried and loaded on to the truck. With our specialized team of movers by your side, your move would be completely stress free.

  • Difficulties that you might face
  • Moving is a challenge for any person, and moving to a different country is even more stressful because the laws and regulations are different. Even if it is a cross border move it still might not be straightforward process.

    To be able to live and work in the United States, a TN visa or N-1 visa is required, and you will have to look for a sponsoring US employer to obtain that. In some scenarios, the employer will have to file a visa application and get it approved by government authorities. To sum up, you must have the
    documents that give you the right to stay and work in the United States legally.

  • Border control
  • Based on the province you are travelling from and your route, you may pass the border via different US cities – there are more than a hundred border crossings between Canada and the USA, and some of them are open 24 x 7. As you can imagine, wait times are different at different crossing points.

    For instance, the ones that serve the Vancouver – Seattle area are the busiest, with wait times as long as three to four hours.

  • What to expect
  • There will be quite a few booths with officers waiting for you. When you proceed towards the booth, you move slowly because your car is being monitored from different points. The officer then will
    check your passport and supporting documents. The question that they are required to ask
    according to the protocol, what your citizenship is. The officer may ask any other questions as well.
    They do criminal record checks as well. The contents of the car or truck may even be inspected.

    The driver of the moving team is expected to show the cargo escorting documents depending upon your status in the US however a Valid Passport and a completed 3299 Customs Form is all that is
    required for returning US Residents. For Non-Residents additionally work/study Visa and offer of employment, Visa validation stamp in passport, I-94 form, and marriage certificate might be required.

    Lewis Abbeywood generally can get your goods through the US Border Control if your
    documentation is in order, this also means that you don’t have to be present on the location when this happens. However, you must enter the country before your shipment reaches the border, unless you are a returning citizen.

  • Moving restrictions
  • It is important to note that there are certain things that you are not allowed to bring via the United States and Canadian border. These regulations change constantly, and it is recommend checking
    official websites before the moving day. If your belongings include cultural objects such as relics, furniture, or art, they may require special permits. Also, if you possess firearms, it may be very difficult to bring those to the United States due to strict regulations.

    In comparison to moving locally, moving from Canada to the United States requires some additional time and attention to detail. However, you can make this process easier and stress free by getting in touch with a certified and specialized company for international moving in Toronto to get some professional assistance.

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