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A local move takes place usually within 100 miles of the customer’s current residence. It is charged by the hour depending on the number of movers required to do the job. The clock starts when the truck starts in the morning and stops when the truck shuts down at night.

The rate you are being charged includes vehicle insurance (p.l. and p.d.), cargo insurance (in case of an accident while en route with your goods on board) and W.S.I.B. (Worker’s Comp). Under the law, you are the contractor, and you are responsible to ensure that your sub-contractors have this coverage, or you are providing it, because you can be held liable.

The hourly charge varies depending on time of year, day of month.

The most expensive time to move is during the summer, especially at the end of the month and definitely June and August (just as school goes out and just before school starts). Weekends will also be more expensive. Usually the crews are on overtime by Friday and no one really wants to work on a nice sunny warm weekend.

So how can you roughly guess that cost of your move, use this guide.

For one room of furniture being moved to or from a house allow 1/2 hour, to or from an apartment 3/4 hour. Add 50% to all travel time, trucks are only fast on highways with average traffic.