Moving Tips

Moving Scams: How To Avoid Them

Most professional moving companies are committed to helping you successfully get into a new home or relocate your business. However, scammers are out there and they prey on people who are trying to make a new life for themselves. Especially during the spring and summer, which is when most people move, scammers are out there trying to get your money. According to experts these are the best ways to avoid falling for a moving scam:

Get Everything In Writing

A reputable moving company should be happy to put everything in writing. From the estimate to the moving contract to receipts for the money that you pay there should be a clear paper trail of your move and the agreements that you have with the moving company. If the moving company seems reluctant to give you a written estimate or have you sign a contract that lists the right and responsibilities of each party then you should not use that moving company.

Never Pay For An Estimate

Good moving companies will always provide you with a free custom estimate based on your personal situation. If a moving company representative asks you to pay for an estimate or refuses to provide a detailed estimate before quoting you a price don’t use that company. Any legitimate moving company will send someone to your house or business to talk with you about your move and give you a price quote based on many different factors. Movers should always send a moving coordinator to meet with you and assess the amount of stuff you need to move as well as giving you a free estimate.

Don’t Pay Up Front

This is a surefire way to spot a scam. Professional movers may ask you for a small deposit when you book a move or when they pick up your items, but it will be a small deposit if any at all. Don’t trust a moving company that asks you to pay for the entire move up front. If you give them money and they have your stuff there’s no guarantee you’ll ever get your treasured household belongs back. If you get an estimate from a moving company that asks for the full amount up front don’t sign a contract with that company.

Check References

In some cases moving companies that aren’t very reputable can avoid facing penalties by shutting down one business and opening up again another name. Before you sign a contract with a moving company ask for the names and phone numbers of three people that they have worked with in the last month as references, and actually call them to see if the moving company did a good job for them. Talking to current references will help you be sure the company isn’t a newly launched company.