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Tips For a Successful Office Move

Tips For a Successful Office Move

When it’s time to move to a new office you may get overwhelmed at the thought of trying to pack up an entire office full of equipment and supplies to move to a new office, but the move is only as stressful as you make it. With the right planning, a little organization, and some help from professionals your office move can run smoothly and easily. Your business can be unpacked, settled into the new space, and doing business again within a day if you are on top of the moving process. Use these tips for a successful office move:

Pick A Planner

Moving a business will go much more smoothly if you pick a move planner who will end up being in charge of the move. When just one person is organizing the move it will prevent confusion and chaos, especially on the day of the move. The move planner will be able to coordinate with the moving company to make sure that the entire move process goes smoothly and that everything that is supposed to get moved gets moved. It’s a big job for one person but it will streamline the process and keep the move on track.

Use Professionals

Have you ever tried to move an industrial copier? Or pieces of cubicles? When it comes to moving office furniture and equipment you should always hire professional movers that specialize in commercial moves to do the loading and unloading for you. Professional movers know how to move almost anything, including copiers. And cubicles. And other office furniture and equipment. They will have the tools necessary to move furniture items safely and get them set up in your new space. It’s worth the cost to hire professionals for an office move.

Have Everyone Pack Up Their Own Desk

A good way to make sure that everything that needs to get moved gets moved is to put each person in charge of packing up their own desk and their part of the supply chain. No one knows the files and equipment better than the person working on them or with them, so it just makes sense for each person to pack up their own cube, computer, and files that they use everyday. It will also make the unpacking process easier because each person will be responsible for unpacking and setting up their own workspace.

Schedule The Move For Off Hours

Commercial movers will often work with you to find a time to move your business that is more accommodating for the business so that you don’t have to be shut down during the day. It’s very common for office movers to build in some availability that falls outside of normal work outs so that a business can be moved with as little delay as possible. Moving after hours might make a long day for your employees, but it will be worth it when you don’t have to lose business being closed for a day just to move.