Moving Tips

Items You Should Not Pack Before A Move

Items You Should Not Pack Before A Move

Packing up items that you don’t use everyday or items like clothing that can be stored for a long period of time should be done early when you’re planning a move, but there are lots of other items that you shouldn’t pack at all until the day that you’re going to move. When you are moving always pack these items last:


Your new home will need plants, and if you have plants that you’ve carefully cultivated over the years you should bring them with you to your new home. But packing them and leaving them in a cardboard box can kill them. Wait until the very last minute when everything else is out of the house to pack your plants. You can put them in a wide, shallow packing box for transport but don’t close the lid of the box so that they can continue to get the sun they need. Put the box somewhere safe like the backseat floor of the car for transport.


It’s ok to pack some kinds of food like canned food or supplies that are in unopened bags like flour or sugar. Spices can also be packed, but be careful how you package them and make sure that their lids are all screwed on tightly. But perishable foods or refrigerated foods shouldn’t be packed until the last minute if you are taking them with you. Most people throw out perishable food and buy new food when they get to their new home. But if you have food that you don’t want to throw away pack it in a cooler and keep it fresh during your journey. In order to start using up your perishable food before the move create a menu based on the foods that you have in the freezer and cook meals from the food that you have so that you’re not buying groceries and adding to your stuff before the move.


If you’re moving and you have legal firearms never pack them or have the movers take them. Most movers won’t take any kind of weaponry. Pack your firearms in portable gun safes and observe all the recommended guidelines for moving firearms. Leave the boxes in the trunk of your car if you must leave them unattended.

Jewelry And Cash

You should also pack your jewelry, cash, and other valuables last. Put them in a portable safe or lock box that won’t be easily broken into. Never give them to the movers. Keep them with you at all times. You can hide the box in your trunk or under the seat of your car to keep it out of sight. If you’re traveling for the move and you have to stay in a hotel put the entire lockbox into the hotel safe or the safe in your room.