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What to Expect in Your Moving Estimate

What to Expect in Your Moving Estimate

Discover What to Expect in Your Moving Estimate in Toronto, ON & Surrounding Areas

The moving estimate is the first and most crucial step to your move. If you are getting ready to plan for your upcoming move, take your time when picking a moving company. Here are some of the questions to ask and information to look out for as you prepare to schedule a moving estimate with one of the moving and storage companies you are interested in.

When moving, don’t forget the details. Your house includes everything in your home including your attic, shed, basement, what you have in storage, and more. Communicate with the moving company what specific services you need and what they can do to make your move easier, so the quote reflects every task to be completed on your moving day.

Moving Cost Variables

  • Distance
  • Weight
  • Amount of belongings
  • Equipment
  • Movers and drivers
  • Trucks and vehicles
  • Materials
  • Packing services
  • Arranging/floor planning services
  • Storage services
  • And more

Every move comes with many details and moving parts. Estimates look at many different variables. How many belongings you have, how much they weigh, the materials to pack them, the equipment, trucks, and vehicles needed to complete the move, the number of movers and drivers needed to complete the move while providing packing services, storage services, and more is all included in the estimate of your move. Also, all services completed are billed on serviceable time.

Moving companies also offer protection for lost or damaged items. If you are moving a valuable item, this is important but remember this will add to your overall cost. Deciding between services such as accepting full service movers to pack all your belongings for you instead of doing it yourself will save you time and the hassle, but this service will cost more and you run the risk of damaging your items if you do not pack them properly.

There are many items and moving pieces to think about when discussing moving and storage. Accurate quotes are the most important step for you and your mover, so make sure they are aware of every service you require.

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