Moving Tips

How To Compare Moving Companies

Choosing a moving company can seem like an overwhelming task. If moving companies all provide the same services how do you know which ones are the best ones? There are factors that you can compare to make sure you’re working with a reputable moving company to help you plan and execute your move. You might be surprised that price isn’t one of the major factors that you should be looking at when you’re comparing moving companies. Instead you should look at things like:

What’s Included

When you get an estimate from a moving company look carefully at what’s included. Reputable movers will include services like move planning and a dedicated move coordinator that will work with you throughout your move to make sure that things go smoothly. Reputable movers will also be very clear about what is included in the price and what isn’t. If a moving company won’t tell you what services are included in the price quote that they give you then you shouldn’t work with that company.

Insurance And Bonding

Reputable moving companies will always tell you if their workers are insured and bonded. Anyone that is going to be working in your home or around your items should be insured and bonded. It’s an industry standard. So if a company won’t tell you if their workers are insured or bonded or won’t show proof of insurance and bonding when you ask them don’t use that company.

Large Item Moving

If you have oversize items to move like appliances or a piano ask if the company has the personnel and equipment to move oversize items. Some moving companies won’t have any problems moving large or unusual items but others may not have the insurance coverage or the personnel or equipment to move non-standard items. If a  moving company says that they do move oversize items ask if they move those items themselves or hire a contractor to do it. If they hire a contractor make sure that you check out the contractor as well as the moving company.

Check Reviews

Online reviews are a great resource if you want to compare how moving companies operate. Getting stories from people who have used a particular moving service will give you a better overall picture of the company’s efficiency and way of doing business. While sometimes a company might get a bad review just because they don’t click with a particular customer if you see a pattern of bad reviews or of people complaining about the same thing you can usually trust those bad reviews. For example if you check Google or Yelp and see that one company’s reviews all mention poor customer service then it’s safe to assume that company isn’t a great choice.

Personal recommendations are also important when choosing a moving company. Talk to your friends and family members. If they have had good experiences with a moving company you can feel secure hiring that moving company.