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The Best Way to Pack Artwork For Moving

Proper packing for a move is the key to having your possessions arrive undamaged. Hire an experienced and trusted professional mover to pack all your belongings since they have the expertise and proper packing materials. But if you do want to handle the packing yourself, below are our recommendations.

For most individuals, their artwork is incredibly special to them, not only in its monetary value but also in the meaning that the artwork and the artistic expression holds in their life. As stated we recommend using a specialized and professional mover, as they would not only provide you with a free quote but also professionally pack the artwork in specially designed cartons. If you are willing to put in the time, the sweat and patience to pack the artwork essentials on your own, we recommend you buy cartons for your artwork from your trusted and reputed mover.

Packing Prints & Paintings with Glass by yourself

  Wrap the glass with a piece of corrugated or heavy foam sheet or cardboard

  Drape the whole painting in bubble wrap

  Lock the boundary of bubble wrap with moving tape

  If keeping more than a single piece in the same box, pack them facing each other

  Fill spaces in the box with crushed packing paper or similar filling

  Close box and securely tape it, around the outside edges in particular

If you are doing this time-consuming task yourself, we recommend that you do every step and that you pay the utmost attention and care if you don’t have lots of experience in packing artwork as it can potentially damage the art. 

Packing Oil Paintings

Oil paintings have the need for precise and expert care when being packed since their surfaces are easily damaged. If the artwork is valuable or large or has sentimental value, we recommend having reliable movers’ crate or pack it for you. If you still want to pack it yourself you will have to pack it in a specially designed art carton.

  Cover the painting in a unique glassine paper designed for paintings in particular

  Drape the whole painting in a chunky layer of bubble wrap

  Buy Styrofoam that typically comes in 1” or 2 ½” thickness – the larger the painting, the thicker the Styrofoam needs to be

  Cut a sheet of Styrofoam 2” wider than the size of the framed painting

  Cut strips of Styrofoam to fit around the frame, making sure to address the depth of the frame

  Tape the layers together securely, creating a foam package

  Cut two large cardboard sheets the same size as the Styrofoam package so that you can fold the cardboard up over the ends

  Tape the cardboard securely to the Styrofoam

  Put the whole package into the correct size mirror carton, tape the carton closed

Packing and moving artwork is one of the specialties of Lewis Abbeywood Moving & Storage. Make sure to have a word with our specialists before your move to make sure your valued piece of artwork is safely transported from one place to another. Call us at (416) 292-1107 to get a quick quote!