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The best way to pack Kitchen Essentials for Moving

Relocating is a stressful process, add to that the different kinds of belongings you have in your kitchen which can get easily damaged unless you pack with extreme caution and care, which is in itself a complicated and time-consuming task. The kitchen not only has delicate belongings like fine china which can easily break but also appliances that can get damaged if not packed and transported properly. We are listing down a few things that a trusted and reputable mover will do to ensure that your beloved belongings are carefully packed and transported: 

Bring the right materials into play

  Your mover will get specialized cartons for packing dishes.

  Packing paper will be used as the first layer for your delicate glassware and breakables, while Bubble wrap and special padding blankets for collectibles or exceptionally delicate stuff will be used for additional safety. 

  Cartons containing dishes and other breakable belongings will be securely sealed, top and bottom, because of the weight after which they will be wrapped with padding blankets if need be.

Utilize Proper Packing Techniques for your Belongings

Movers who are experienced will use multiple packing techniques tailored to your belongings. Some techniques used are:

  Setting up cartons and taping the bottoms with wide packing tape.

  Minimum 3” of packing paper or specialized padding will be put it in the bottom of the cartons to safe keep and cushion the belongings.

  Utilize a packing surface that is large enough to work with to protect the surface of the tables and to protect the glassware/appliances.

  For packing plates our packers put the plate on a sheet of packing paper, fold the paper up from the edges to wrap the plate, and then fold down with one more sheet of paper. Our packers do this quite a few times until they feel that there is adequate cushion to shield the plates.

  A trusted mover will always position plates on their sides in the cartons rather than laying them flat. They will place heavier plates at first and when the row of similar plates is finished, they will add an extra paper cushion, and then add the next row of plates. Post this a layer of 3” of crushed paper or specialized packing is added at the top and then sealed with packing tape.

Packing Glasses & Wine Glasses

  Your packers will insert the paper into the opening of glasses first, and then roll them in packing paper. As with plates, it is essential to use an adequate amount of cushioning at the bottom of the carton. Stemware and glasses will be packed in rows on their side with lots of padding material between the rows.

  The tops of the cartons will also have ample padding material so that during the transportation your belongings are not damaged. 

  The movers will bubble wrap figurines, collectibles, and other delicate belongings for additional cushioning before packing them in packing paper.

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