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An Ultimate Guide to Make Your Cross Border Move Stress-Free

Relocating can be an intimidating event, add to this the thought of cross-border relocation from Canada to the United States or vice versa and the stress increases. Apart from ensuring that you get your family heirlooms and beloved belongings safely across the border, you need to ensure that you have the required documentation to enter the country. The process of having to figure everything out can be overwhelming for any individual.

This is where planning comes into play. Start researching about the things you would need to do, a minimum two months before the moving day. You can click here for more valuable material on moving. Look at the documentation you would need and start collecting and applying for the needful permits. Try and find a trusted and reputed mover, you should hire a cross-border mover that has been in the business and would have experience in handling moves that are like yours. 

A reputable mover will not only move your belongings but also guide you on everything that is required for your relocation from paperwork to other necessities. The following are some helpful tips that will provide you with an overview of what will be needed for your cross-border relocation:

  Gather obligatory documents

Ensure that you give yourself ample time to collect all the necessary documents. For moving your belongings from Canada to the US you would need to fill the Form 3299, which is Declaration for Free Entry Unaccompanied Articles form. You will also be needed to provide a copy of your passport/visa.

When you are crossing the border yourselves, you would need your passport and supporting documents (which can include your Visa, Work Permit, Study Permit etc.) The documentation required for you will change depending upon your temporary or permanent US residency status.

  Cross border relocation with children

If you aren’t acquainted with the requirements in advance, relocating to Canada with your children can be even trickier. A birth certificate or passport will be required to cross the border by land, especially for children under eighteen years old. Also, you will need to present Canadian officials a signed consent from the other parent if you are a single parent crossing the border with your child/children.

You will also need to present the adoption papers or guardianship papers in case you have an adopted child or are the legal guardian of the child.

  Find storage space for the belongings you can’t bring to a new country

At times, fixed moving deadlines mean that you’ve to leave a few personal belongings behind. Plan to recognize the possessions that you can’t get to the new location. Ensure that you secure trustworthy and safe storage for your possessions in advance. We recommend that you start an inventory list and decide what will go to your new home, what will go into storage and what you will dispose of. You can read more about this by clicking here.

Fortunately, Lewis Abbeywood Moving & Storage also offers trustworthy and reasonably priced storage services.

  Transporting your vehicle

The following processes and documents will be required when you make your cross-border move:

  1. For importing your vehicle to Canada, you would need a Canadian tax and duties assessment. If you are not sure what this entails, we recommend that you get in touch with Canada’s Customs office to inquire about this. You must also check to see if your vehicle qualifies for importation under Transport Canada’s Registrar of Imported Vehicles Program. A copy of the registration of the car and title is to be presented to the Canadian Customs officials no later than three days before your relocation. The vehicle must also meet the safety standards and emissions in Canada.
  2. For importing your vehicle to the US, the vehicle or engine must meet the US emissions standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency and US Safety Guidelines. Depending in which region your car was manufactured you may also have to pay duties. 

The process and guidelines change for both countries with your and your vehicle’s unique situation. A trusted and experienced mover can help you in this process and we encourage you to get in touch with a company that has experience in this area, like Lewis Abbeywood Moving & Storage.

  Customs clearance 

Before you leave for a new country, you will need to create a comprehensive inventory list that includes everything you plan on getting into the country and any of your personal and family belongings that may come after. You will also need to include the value of each article in the currency of the country you are moving to.

In addition, ensure that you get familiar with the regulations surrounding what you can and can’t get with you as there are several articles that you aren’t allowed to get into Canada and the US.

  Be familiar with the entire expenses upfront

Particularly if you do not have previous experience relocating internationally, relocating across the border can lead to a ton of unanticipated expenses. We recommend that you hire a top-rated moving company that has experience in making international moves stress-free and who can assist you in budgeting and planning for every expense. You can read more helpful material by clicking here.

Since 1927, Lewis Abbeywood has been working with families to move their beloved possessions citywide, countrywide safely and efficiently and across the borders. We will work with you to make your move smooth as possible and guide you in every aspect of moving internationally, whether it is the customs clearance or storage requirements. Your move with us will be stress-free and secure.


Apart from ensuring that your entire belongings are packed safely, documented correctly, and transported and delivered to your new home, we have dedicated staff to make sure peace of mind throughout the relocation process. To experience the best and stress-free cross-border relocation process, get in touch with Lewis Abbeywood Moving & Storage at the earliest. Call us at (416) 292-1107 to get a quick quote!