Moving Tips

Moving Into A Rental Space

Moving Into A Rental Space

Apartments come in all shapes and sizes, and that can make moving in and out of them tricky sometimes. Every building is going to have unique rules and restrictions about moving in or out. When you’re moving out of a building the most important things are to leave the apartment in swept out condition and makes sure your landlord gets the key back before you leave. When you’re moving into a new building use these tips to make sure the move goes as smoothly as possible:

Find The Best Access Point

If you’re moving into a small apartment building then finding the closest door to your apartment shouldn’t be tough. But if you’re moving into a large multi-unit building with several doors and elevators you should scout out the building before moving in to find the door that’s closest to your apartment and to know which elevator you should use if there’s more than one. Often large buildings have a service elevator that is used by people moving in or out to move boxes and furniture from the ground floor to your apartment. Check with the rental manager to see if there’s a service elevator and ask if you need a special code or key to access it so that you are ready to move in when the movers arrive with your stuff.

Give Yourself A Time Cushion

It’s a rookie mistake to schedule a key pick up and move in the same day that you move out of another apartment or home. Sometimes it works out, but more often there’s an overlap between moving out and when you’re supposed to move in because of moving delays, traffic, and other issues. Give yourself a time cushion of a day between moving out of your home and moving into a rental. It will mean that you will have to spend one night with family or friends or in a hotel but ultimately it will be worth it because of the time and aggravation it will save.

Know Which Furniture Goes In Which Room Before You Move In

Moving furniture around on your own in a rental is difficult. When you sign the lease for the apartment bring a tape measure and measure the rooms so that you will know what furniture will fit into each room. Then you can label your furniture and boxes for the rooms they should go in when you move in. The movers will put the furniture and boxes in the correct rooms which means you won’t have to try and move them all over again by yourself.

Meet The Neighbors

Moving in can really loud, especially in a large building. In order to get off on the right foot with your new neighbors consider doing something nice for them or giving them a little move in gift. A fun way to introduce yourself is to put earplugs, a gift card for music, and some candy in a little plastic bag and tape it to the door of each neighbor around you along with a little note explaining that you’re moving in and you’ll try to be quiet during the move. A small gesture at the beginning can open the door for friendships later on, or at least lessen the annoyance at the noise you make moving in.