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Moving From A Small Town To A Large City

Moving From A Small Town To A Large City

Moving from a small town to a large city can be very exciting. You’ll find new opportunities and new friends, along with an entirely new way of life. Such a big change can be overwhelming at first but there are some things that you can do to make the transition from small town life to big city life easier like:

Do Some Research

Before you move to that big city do some online research first to find out as much as you can about the city. You can find tips and tricks for successfully navigating the city on message boards and on social media from people who live there or have lived there. You can also find recommendations for safe neighborhoods, areas with good schools, or even the areas with the best nightlife. And you can find out more about some of the most exciting things to do in the city. A little online research can be a big help when you’re choosing a neighborhood or looking for the best place to workout in the city.

Make Friends Before You Go

Another important thing to do to make the transition easier is to reach out to friends and family in the city before you move to let them know you’re moving there. Knowing people in the city before you move means that you’ll be able to set up lunch dates or invite them to your new home for a housewarming party. If you don’t have any family or friends in that city yet you can post on message boards or on social media to make new friends who live there, or try to meet some of your neighbors when you sign your lease. It won’t be hard to make some connections so that you’re not all alone in a strange city.

Find The Essentials

Before your move it’s a good idea to do some Internet sleuthing to find all the essential businesses that are close to your new home so that when you move in you already know where to get public transportation, where the closest grocery store and pharmacy are, and how to get around in your new neighborhood. Finding places to get what you need before you move in will relieve some of the pressure and anxiety that you’ll feel when you move into your new home.

Adjust To Your New Space Before Buying A Lot Of Stuff

When you move to a large city from a small town you often need to downsize. Space in a big city is going to be more expensive than in a small town so chances are good your apartment will be smaller than what you’re used to. Instead of filling up your new home with new stuff wait for a few months until you’ve lived in the apartment to buy stuff so you know what you’ll need to make your big city home more functional and comfortable. Plan on looking for a lot of storage solutions to keep things organized.