Moving Assistance During The Summer

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Moving always comes with challenges, even in the summer when the weather is typically nice. When you’re moving in the summer there are some things that you need to be aware of so that your move will go smoothly and so that you and your family, including your pets, can get safely to your new home. Keep these moving assistance tips in mind when you’re planning your summer move to ensure it is an easy one:

Get An Early Start With Moving Assistance

The heat can be a legitimate concern in the summer. Grueling physical labor like moving heavy boxes and furniture can be downright dangerous when the temperatures start to climb, especially in areas that are known for high humidity. The best way to make sure that you and your family don’t get heat stroke or heat exhaustion is to start loading your truck and your vehicle as early as possible in the morning. The night before you move finish taping up and organizing boxes and get everything ready that needs to be loaded into your vehicle so that you can start loading first thing in the morning when it’s still cool. If you’re having moving assistance help with the loading then make sure you schedule your moving time for the first available slot in the morning.

Keep It Cool

Staying hydrated is absolutely essential during the summer, especially during times of high physical activity like when you’re moving. Make sure that everyone has access to some cold water by setting up a small table in the shade that has a cooler or a tub filled with ice and plenty of bottled water and sports drinks. Remind your family members to drink water often, at least once an hour, and make sure that you’re drinking water at least once an hour too. You also should have a couple of folding chairs set out in the shade for anyone that needs to sit down and rest for a minute when the sun and heat are getting to be too much.

Moving Assistance Can Protect Your Pets

Pets don’t fare well in the summer heat. To keep them contained but cool empty out a room in your home the night before the move. Move all the boxes in that room out to another area to be loaded. Set up your pet’s blankets and bedding or crate in that room with food and lots of cool water and a fan or two. Put your pet in there while your household belongings are being loaded. That will keep your pets cool and safe and out of the way while the truck gets loaded.