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Moving During A Pandemic

Moving During A Pandemic

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Life during a pandemic takes on an entirely new pace, and a lot of things fall by the wayside. But if you are scheduled to move during this time of uncertainty you are probably wondering how you can move safely when risk seems to be everywhere. There are things that you can do to mitigate the risk of infection while you move. If you can’t postpone your move because your current home is already sold or rented and you  have already purchased or rented a new home these tips on how to move during a pandemic can help you and your family stay safe:

Wear Protective Gear

Even if you think that you don’t need it wear a mask and gloves during your move. Change your gloves often. If you don’t have any gloves and can’t find any in stores use hand sanitizer frequently and apply it liberally after touching areas that could easily be contaminated like moving equipment, boxes, countertops, doors, and vehicle doors.

Supervise From A Distance

If you’ve hired moved to load and unload your moving truck for you make sure that you stay at least six feet away from them at all times. If you’re going to be supervising while they are doing they work set up a chair in the driveway or sit in your car as long as it’s a safe distance away from the truck. Professional movers know their jobs and they will get done quicker and in a safer way it you’re supervising the entire operation from a distance. That will lower the risk of exposure everyone.

Do As Much Online As You Can

There are always a lot of small things that need to be done when you move, but now is the time to see how much can be done online. Do a virtual walkthrough of your home with Facetime if you need to do a move out through with your landlord. Take videos of the empty house to show the condition that you left it in. Email your landlord or real estate agent and ask if you can drop the keys somewhere for them or leave them inside the house if you lock it on your way out so that you don’t need to meet in person to give them the keys.

When you are picking up keys for your new home do the same thing and try to arrange to get the keys from a drop box or other secure facility where you won’t need to interact with people. The key things to remember when moving during a pandemic are to wear masks and protective gear, limit in person interactions, and stay at leas six feet from people.