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Moving Antiques and Fine Art

Moving Antiques and Fine Art

While any move can be stressful, you might have a particular concern about your fine art and precious antiques. Handling items like these can be risky. Professional moving companies have the experience and materials to get your treasures from one home to another. Packing services from the professionals can protect your belongings from harm during the move, adding to your peace of mind.

Estimates and Insurance Options

To prepare for your move, make a list and take pictures of your valuable items. The moving company will have a representative to assess your fine art and antiques, with most offering insurance plans. A full value replacement insurance plan through the moving company will safeguard you from damages and guarantee maximum protection. It would be smart to get a policy from your insurance provider as an additional measure for high-dollar items.


Antiques can require special attention, so moving companies come prepared with specialized handling materials. Each item is wrapped separately with highly durable bubble wrap, packing paper, crates, and moving blankets. They aim to fully cover the items to protect them from scratches, dents, and other damage.

Rather than facing the possibility of dropping an item, the movers will use dollies to transport all items to the loading area and onto the truck. Inside the truck is an added layer of coverage with straps to secure the items, along with additional moving blankets. For any items in crates, light items may be placed on top to be efficient with space.

Fine Art

If you have the original box, the movers will place your fine art in the box. Otherwise, the item will be wrapped with packing material secured with heavy-duty tape, or it may be placed inside a picture box. Telescope boxes are often used for larger pieces. The largest are recommended to be stored in a wooden crate.

Moving experts place corner protectors on all items to prevent nicks and scratches. Pieces are then wrapped in a type of smooth paper that lets the piece breathe. Finally, the experts wrap each piece securely in layers of bubble wrap and heavy-duty tape, then padded blankets.

Fine art is placed face-to-face in the truck to prevent damage to the hanging hardware. These are then secured during the move to keep them from moving or falling over.

Do you need help packing and moving your fine art or antiques? The moving experts at Lewis Abbeywood Moving & Storage are here to answer any questions and prepare you for any move.