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5 Tips to Help Celebrate the Holidays in your New Home

5 Tips to Help Celebrate the Holidays in your New Home

As we approach the busiest time of year, you might be anxious about settling into your new home. Although moves can be stressful, the best part comes afterward, when you can make the space yours. Some of the best ways to feel more comfortable after a move are to jump into the season. We put together a few tips to help you celebrate the holidays in your new home!

1. Unpack Your Decorations

Start by unpacking your holiday decorations (as soon as you can locate them!). Decorating your home can be a fun family activity, and the more festive your home feels, the easier it will be to get into the holiday spirit.

2. Make Memories

Make memories by starting new traditions. Some people can feel disconnected from the holidays if they have cherished memories tied to their old location. Try modifying past traditions or making new ones to celebrate the season.

3. Host a housewarming party

Loved ones can help you enjoy the festivities even more, and take part in new traditions. This is a great time for them to see your home too, when it’s freshly decorated! Take pictures, send videos, or make video calls to share your new decorations!

4. Unpack Your Main Rooms

Unpack the main rooms in your home, like the kitchen and living room. With the decorations up, you can leave a few knick-knacks in their boxes to unpack after the holidays. It will be easier to feel settled in when you can comfortably live in the most used rooms.

5. Relax, If You Can

Find ways to relax, like with gift shopping or baking. Take some time for yourself to de-stress now that you have your new home.

If you’re having trouble living up to these tips, call the professional movers at Lewis Abbeywood Moving & Storage to help you manage your new transition more effectively.