Moving into Your First Apartment Checklist

Discover a Dependable Moving into Your First Apartment Checklist

It is time to finally move out on your own and start the next chapter of your life. You may be excited and a little nervous, but t

here are a few things you should know when planning your first move into an apartment. Moving out on your own is not the only reason people move into apartments—you could have relocated for a new job, are studying at a nearby university, or you are downsizing—but we have a reliable checklist that fits almost every situation. Keep on reading to learn more about our moving into your first apartment checklist.

Planning the Move

Ask yourself some questions first. Do you need help packing or planning your move? Are you planning to move DIY or will the steady help of professional movers ease the stress of a move? Moving into your first apartment, professional movers can help because they have done hundred of moves just like this one. For example, did you know you can call your landlord and reserve the elevator for your movers to use during the move-in day?


While planning your move, you might imagine doing it all yourself. It is important to consider if you are moving for the first time, that packing might take a lot longer than you think. Professional moving and storage companies, for example, provide full service moving and storage services where the professional movers can pack your belongings for you. This will save you lots of time and effort.

Cleaning Supplies

Make that new apartment feel like yours—all shiny and new. Lysol, Swiffer, murphy’s oil, a bucket for water, and rags, and more will help you make your new home clean from top to bottom. This is great to do before the moving-in even begins so nothing is in your way as you clean those floors and dust away any stray cobwebs the corners may gather.

If you plan on hiring professional movers for your apartment move, be sure to contact them a few months before the move to plan estimates and explore different moving companies’ services. Call your utilities to get them set up at your new place, and after the move-in, schedule services to set up your internet and cable. With these tips, you will be ready to begin!