Moving With Pets

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Moving with pets can be a challenge but preparing ahead of time can make the move much less stressful for you and your pets. Whether a corporate move, cross-town move, cross border move, or a cross country move, here are a few ways that you can minimize the stress on you and your pets and make moving easier.

Pack A Bag For Your Pet

Anytime you move it’s important to pack a bag for each family member containing the essentials they will need to get settled in your new home. That way you won’t have to dig through boxes and unpack just to find the things the essentials. When you are packing your pet’s bag put one or two of their favorite beds in the bag and don’t wash them first. Smelling a familiar scene in the new home will help them adjust to being in a new place. In addition to their beds you should pack:

  • Food and water bowls for each pet.
  • Disposable litter box for cats.
  • Enough treats and food for several days for each pet.
  • Bottled water for their water bowls in case the water isn’t on at your new place yet.
  • Their favorite toys.

If they have a favorite blanket or pillow you can put that in their bag too.

Get Current Vaccination And Medical Records

It’s essential to have your pet’s vaccination and medical records within easy reach. A fantastic way to keep all your important papers at your fingertips is to get a binder and some protective plastic sleeves. Put all your important documents in plastic sleeves in the binder. You can bring the binder with you everywhere so that your important documents are always close by. Create one section for your birth certificate, marriage license, and personal papers and then one for your pets that has all of their vaccination records, medical records, and one or two current photos of each pet. That way if your pet gets lost or runs off you have all of their information and a current photo easily accessible so you can start the search to find them.

Keep All Pets On A Harness And A Leash

When you’re moving there will be a lot of chaos going on and pets can sometimes run off or act in ways that they normally wouldn’t act. The safest way to move your pets is to make sure that they are all wearing a harness that has a current ID tag on it and a leash. Even your cats, and even if they are riding in carriers. If your pet suddenly tries to run away or gets out their carrier or if you need to remove them from a carrier and then put them back in at the airport you can quickly grab the leash and get control of you pet before they run off and get lost.

Moving with your pets doesn’t have to be hard on you or your pet. The more planning you do in advance the smoother the move will be. Use these tips to help make your move stress free so that you and your pets can start enjoying your new home as soon as you arrive.