Moving Services

Anyone can be a mover….

We figure that it will take us 5 years to turn a rookie into a fleet driver. It starts with training, 1 week at packing school, 1 week learning how to pad, handle and load a shipment. Yes we do have a training facility.

Then 40 hours “on the job” mentoring in each of the disciplines. By this point we have an employee that not only understands the basics, but actually enjoys the challenge of being a mover.

After a year of being a van assistant, if he shows promise, he can choose to become a driver. 2 years as a local driver, perfecting his skills as a mover, learning the skills, laws, and paperwork that a professional driver needs.

At this point if he wants, the opportunity exists to become a long haul driver. the first year is short haul (less than 500 miles) and the second year is long distance.

This is how anyone can become a mover.